Climate Champions Youth Leaders 2020-2021

Climate Champions Youth Leaders

Elea Castiglione

“I am a part of Climate Champions because the future of this world depends upon young people understanding climate change and fighting for the planet.”

Annie Do

“I am a part of Climate Champions because I believe that by preparing K-12 to combat the climate crisis on an intersectional level, we can create a future that is safe, healthy, and livable for all.”

Miranda Mendoza

“I want more teachers to teach about Climate justice because the planet cannot afford more people living in environmental ignorance. People from all ages must know what is causing climate change, how this is directly affecting us, and what can we do to have a conscious living. This will also help when it comes to voting and how we can choose candidates that will act in favor of the environment, as well as changing or adding laws to protect our environment.” 

Meghan Pugh

“I am a part of Climate Champions because I want to do anything I can to help raise awareness of climate change and do my part in helping solve this problem.”

Bella Santos

“I am a part of Climate Champions because education is the most crucial factor in combating the climate crisis to achieve equitable action and a sustainable future! I am affiliated with SD350 Youth4Climate, Youth v. Oil, Advocates for a Better Environment, and Girl Scouts for Environmental Advocacy Internship.”

Emma Weibel

“I am a part of Climate Champions because an educated public is the first step to find solutions based on science. I am a stern believer that being young doesn’t make one any less deserving of learning about and acting on these issues. Education is a powerful tool to fight climate change and it will be the educated that can make the most difference. I am the President of Club United Students Climate Action at my School. Our website:”

Kate Vedder

“I am a part of Climate Champions because educating students about the climate crisis is critical for creating a generation of young climate leaders that will fight for a just, sustainable, and healthy planet. I will be attending UCLA in the fall and planning to study environmental science. Currently, I am the co-president of Greenpeace PLHS (eco-club at my school) and leading SanDiego350’s Youth v. Oil campaign.”