Additional Resources

Connecting local and global, K-12, community, and university.


Resources for teachers to enhance their climate instruction, including websites, K-12 learning sequences, and presentation slides.

Tools and resources for California teachers to support student science inquiry and engineering design related to wildland fire.

A collection of 700+ climate and energy science learning resources, reviewed by educators and scientists.

Case studies of how climate change can affect a variety of animals from around the world. Includes visuals, data, relevant links, teacher and students materials.

Climate Change: Empowering Deaf Students to Think Critically and Take Action

Middle school science curriculum with ASL videos, assessments, research projects, and more.

K-12 climate curriculum and teacher resources aimed to provide youth the tools to lead and create change.

Grades 3-12 interdisciplinary resources with curriculum guides and free online modules for science, civics, economics, history, media, English Language Arts, geography, and art.

A collection of classroom curriculum and resources for teaching climate change in California.

Lessons explore how kindness, compassion, and empathy can help repair damage caused by racist behaviors, policies, and systems.

Project Drawdown centers climate solutions based on rigorous science, with video units, in-depth conversations and graphics.

A large library of project-based sustainability curriculum aligned with Common Core, CCTE, and NGSS.

Phenomenon-based, NGSS-aligned units prioritize students’ ability to solve problems, ask and answer questions, and argue from evidence.

Middle and high school curriculum about climate change evidence, causes, effects, adaptation, and mitigation.

A flexible module with materials for teaching about global temperatures, atmospheric CO₂, and how they relate.

NGSS-aligned high school curriculum focused on climate change, marine protected area science, and San Diego.

Lessons for use in multiple subjects focused on society, the economy, fossil fuel use, and climate justice.

Educational Resources

Multi-disciplinary climate science at the forefront of knowledge in an extreme environment, involving researchers from Scripps Oceanography.

A national organization that empowers youth to take action on climate change, through community education involving videos and campaigns.

An anthology of essays and poetry from diverse authors, appropriate for adults and young adults, with a framework for meaningful, generous, and generative discussion.

A University of California-written textbook outlining ten solutions to bend the curve of global warming.

An aquarium and public engagement center for Scripps Oceanography at UC San Diego, offering environmental education and ocean STEM.

California Environmental Literacy Initiative

Impactful environment-based learning resources and opportunities for all of California’s K–12 students.

A podcast dedicated to exploring how climate change will affect individuals and communities across California. Featuring the voices of youth, activists, and people working in state, local, and tribal governments.

A collection of action plan guides, including videos and graphics, student contests, and community service opportunities.

Accessible, scientifically rigorous simulation tools that help people see connections, play out scenarios, and explore solutions.

Online K-12 formal and informal education; climate science, storytelling, and art activities; curriculum trainings, classroom tools, and partner resources.

Curriculum, news resources, teacher training, and events emphasizing social-emotional learning.

Online and in-person events focused on advancing climate and environmental literacy and action for K-16 science educators.

A free guide to global internet energy usage, and how individual online habits affect our environment.

Foundational principles with an Earth systems approach, supports NGSS.

Resources for climate action through education.

Excellent podcast focused on evidence and solutions, with diverse perspectives and action-oriented resources.

Resources about climate change, including media, graphics, a list of helpful education organizations, and Spanish videos and articles.

A searchable database of scientific phenomena where teachers can find climate-related resources.

Climate science, impacts on society and ecosystems, teacher resources, research centers, experts, and videos.

A searchable database of free climate resources across all grade levels for multiple subjects.

A digital archive of multidisciplinary resources about climate change, sustainability, and climate justice.

Searchable list of climate case studies, tools, training courses, reports, and climate experts database.

Climate Change: How do we know? Data, evidence, causes, effects, and more.

Climate Communication Resources

Communication strategies and learning resources, based on social science research, designed to change public discourse on climate.

Communication and organizing strategies to stop climate change, promote climate and environmental justice, and create good paying jobs.

A comprehensive report outlining the need for PK-12 environmental and climate change literacy, including recommendations, challenges, solutions and resources.

Collection of climate change resources, including middle/high school teaching materials, data visualizations, and articles.

Local Organizations

Professional learning and networking for educators, families, and communities. Local field trip and outdoor learning opportunities for classes.

Climate Kids is a series of community level collaborative projects that provide youth climate change education through science activities, storytelling, and art.

Leadership development and organizing focused on local climate and environmental justice issues.

A movement targeting climate change and climate injustice through education and outreach, public policy advocacy and mobilizing youth to take action.

A plan outlining how San Diego will create economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Dedicated to achieving a Zero Carbon future in a way that dismantles systemic racism and promotes economic justice.

Educational events and programming for San Diego students run by elders advocating for the future of their children and grandchildren.


A climate action park in southeast San Diego where students can experience outdoor, hands-on environmental education.

A UC San Diego research lab focused on learning what leads people to change their minds and actions related to climate.

The one-stop shop for all things climate change at UCSD, a website organized by students.

Building the climate justice and action movement, organizing and mobilizing the university community.